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Since's creation in April 2010 we have helped thousands of traders to succssfully navigate the waves of biotech.  Below you will find comments from just a few:

John S. from Califonia, USA
I heard about from a friend who seemed to be doing very well in BioTech trading. Knowing nothing about BioTech stocks I was completely lost and overwhelmed. I emailed BioRunUp for help understanding and was responded to instantly with multiple links from their website fully explaining the definitions, strategies, and where to start. Within 1 month my brand new porfolio was up over 23%! is such an invaluable tool! I can't imagine BioTech trading without it! Hundreds of hours of research goes into the best stock candidates for a RunUp play and the information is presented through the website in such an easy to understand manner. I wouldn't possibly have the time to gather and do all this research myself! Well, back to riding the waves... Thanks BioRunUp!
Tim O. from Texas, USA
I'm from Los Angeles and have recently retired and moved to Texas near Austin. I've always been a "buy and hope " investor for lack of a better idea. I recently found biorunup while researching a stock (icad) I was interested in buying. I was instantly attracted to the title with the word "method" in it. I've never traded stocks because I knew you had to be right on three things simultaneously or your trading would fail. I knew I had to know 1. what stock to buy. 2. when to buy it. 3. when to sell it. biorunup gave me these answers I could never find before. I started the biorunup method on Aug. 9th 2010 and before the end of Sept. I was up 35%. My dividend buy and hold stock portfolio had yielded me a total return of negative 17% from Jan to Aug. so you can imagine what a fan I've become of biorunup . I was close to giving up the investing idea and going to savings bonds but not anymore!  
Rockford Coscia from New York, USA
After struggling and often failing to 'beat the market' investing in big names like GOOG, GS, JPM, AAPL, AMZN, etc. I stumbled across the BioRunUp method. I was immediately intrigued. Having a background in pharmaceuticals, I was drawn to biotech investing, but didn't know where to start and how to navigate the highly risky field. After extensive backtesting with the BioRunUp method, I jumped in - converting the entirety of my portfolio to biotechs with upcoming binary events.

In the first month I made a 13% return, doubling the return of the market as a whole - without leverage. To date, I have never failed to beat the market when applying the methods outlined in the pages of BioRunUp. The one month I did fail to beat the market while biotech investing was when I decided to hold through two different PDUFA dates. I nailed one, but unexpected data in the other sunk my returns for the month. Simply put, the BioRunUp method is one of the best strategies in terms of overall risk/reward that I've come across.

Even though I have a background in pharmaceuticals, a background in science is by no means necessary to profit using the BioRunUp method. The BioRunUp method is particularly easy entry point for biotech laypersons and should serve as the foundation of prudent biotech investing for veterans. I cannot recommend the BioRunUp method enough for retail investors looking to consistently beat the market. The method has proven itself again and again and does not appear to be losing steam.
Doug from Vancouver, BC
The bio run up method is effective, low maintenance and easy to understand. Mark and the management team give you detailed information clearly presenting the risk/reward ratio of every trade. He gives you the confidence and guidelines to be successful. The bio run up community is even more impressive. There non biased, quick to analyze breaking stories and just a great way to meet other traders. Bio run up seriously here to help retail investors.
Kevin from Brussels, Belgium
I have been trading for a few years but until recently I had mixed bag of results. Since discovering I have been able to get more positive results and lesser negative once. This site is a great tool for playing the bio-runup game as it provides you with an excellent FDA-Calendar, well written articles and a community which allows you to share your strategies and information with others while getting theirs in return and learning how to improve your style of play. This is a great resource for those playing the biorunup while keeping the "pumpers" to a minimum and trying to stay as close to the facts as possible.
Maurice from Georgia, USA
I don’t ever take recommendations from people on the Internet, but this one looked right, felt right and sounded right.  Thanks BioRunUp, you made me a fortune.