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About Us

Founders / Traders

Mark Messier is the founder of  Mark is a DOJ certified Criminal Intelligence Analyst and former IT professional, specializing in law enforcement applications.  In 2008 Mark began trading biotech stocks, using his analytical expertise to detect and capitalize on human and market patterns.  Starting with only $2200 in his trading account he has managed to bank over $400k of profit in just a few short years (Profitly).  In April 2010 Mark founded the blog to share his trading ideas with the online community.  In October 2010 BioRunUp merged with Mike Havrilla's to become the subscription website it is today. In 2012 Mark began writing a weekly biotech trading columns as a contributor to TheStreet (link). Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and two young boys and trading from his 'home away from home' in Costa Rica.  @BioRunUp

Mike Havrilla is a former pharmacist (retail and home infusion settings), biotech stock trader, and writer with experience that includes full-time online trading since 2009, working as a full-time pharmacist from 2004-2009, and writing for investors since 2007. Mike holds Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) and Bachelor of Science (Biology) degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and worked in the pharmaceutical industry for Wyeth prior to pharmacy school. He is also an avid runner and has completed over 20 marathons with a personal best time under three hours for the 26.2 mile race and under 80 minutes for the half marathon. Mike merged his former publishing business with / Mark Messier in October 2010, creating a new online biotech stock research and trading subscription service. @MikeHavrilla



Steve Johannsen is working full time as a process chemist in the biotech industry developing synthetic routes to prepare drug candidates for clinical trials and commercial use.  He discovered the run up trading strategy after his company received a CRL and watched in horror as the share price tanked.  Steve recognized the power of the run up and immediately began applying his education and pharmaceutical background to profit from the industry he is most familiar with.  Along with traditional run-up and run-down trades Steve enjoys planning option spreads with defined risk/reward and holding these through catalyst events.  Due to his schedule he is most active during the morning hours before starting his day job.  Steve has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and holds a master’s degree in organic chemistry.  He enjoys spending his time cooking (earned a culinary arts degree for fun), skiing, mountain biking and traveling. @SteveJo22

Rick Underbrink
 (Skippy) is a full time day-trader semi-retired from a 14 year career in pharmaceutical development.  Rick's biotech trading strategy is technical analysis based with a fundamental thesis.  Many times paired with an options position into a catalyst or even post catalyst.  Most importantly focusing on taking trades were risk has been mitigated.  Not necessarily concerned with huge profits.  Rick graduated with a degree in Chemistry and spent his career developing drugs for three different pharmaceutical companies where he was involved in clinical trial manufacturing for Phase 1, 2 and 3.  He also has extensive regulatory experience in pharmaceutical NDA and ANDA submissions to the FDA.  Over his 14 year career Rick has has taken multiple drugs from development phases to commercialization.  This experience has helped develop a unique edge when trading in the biotech sector.  He has two young boys with his wife and currently lives in Austin, TX.  Rick is a serious fisherman off the TX coast.  Focuses on catching billfish primarily but has enjoyed catching all of the tasty saltwater fishes.  In his spare time he enjoys building rods, woodworking and playing the occasional game of golf.  @skipjackrick


Adlai Pappy graduated this spring from Princeton University and currently works as a research assistant and in the Pediatric department at the University of Michigan hospital. He has been an investor since 2008 and on 2010, he joined BioRunUp after being introduced to the website by a college roommate, because he loved the idea of leveraging his molecular biology degree with financial investments in the life science industry. He utilizes BioRunUp’s great catalyst trading strategies with hedges through selling calls for smaller but consistent gains. He was a swimmer in college and loves to snowboard, lift, and to dance hip/hop.


Ralph Daher is a Doctor licensed in Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He earned his Medical Degree at St. Joseph University, Beirut, Lebanon in 2005 and completed his Residency at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School at UMDNJ in New Jersey in 2009. He also completed his Fellowship in Nephrology at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore in 2011. He has always had an interest in the stock market and has been in the field since 2007. His style of trading involves day trades and swing trades with a determined catalyst as well as options and option spreads. He enjoys reading about breakthrough medical drugs and technologies and has found in it a great way to combine the love of medicine to the ability to trade. He will be a contributing author at He enjoys photography, hiking, outdoors activities and plays a few musical instruments including the saxophone, violin, harmonica, pan flute... @StuckInStock