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BioRunUp on LiveStock

publication date: Jan 21, 2011
On Friday January 21, 2011 Mark Messier and Mike Havrilla, co-founders of were interviewed live on Timothy Syke's weekly show- LiveStock. Click on the video below to view.

During the show, they were pleased to announce their upcoming book and 12 hour instructional DVD titled "How to Make Money in Biotech Stocks".  For more information, and to order, please visit the website created just for these products at .
Both products will teach people how to navigate this volatile sector. We will ship within the next few weeks (April 15th, 2011 is our target launch date), but as you can see from the new site we launched, there are some solid pre-order special. Readers and subscribers can also use the coupon codes “Imspecial” to save $200 by ordering the book/DVD combo now, the coupon code “Bioknowledge” to save $5 off the book only and the coupon code “IWantItAll” to save $300 off the book/dvd/1-year of Biorunup special combo deal. We’ve spent the last 3 months planning, refining and creating this product- so you know its good :)
And as an incentive to pre-order and help us pay for the cost of creating all of these products, if you purchase a book now you will receive an autographed book and if you purchase a book/dvd or book/dvd/newsletter combo, you’ll get the autographed book AND a free month of Biorunup (added to your subscription if you’re an existing subscriber) and 2 free months of our upcoming joint newsletter combining the expertise of BioRunUp with the shorting of Timothy Sykes-BioRunDown.

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