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Options Trading DVD Coming Soon!

publication date: Sep 28, 2011
author/source: Mark Messier
As mentioned recently, I have been in New York working on an exciting project...  We just finished filming in the studio the beginning of a new instructional DVD-  How to Trade Options.  We have had many people email and ask about options, as they can be an amazingly lucrative way to trade ALL stocks, not just biotechs.  I have traded options with great success, as well as with some substantial losses- so obviously this is not a project I would venture out on my own.  So I brought in the the guy who 'wrote the book' on options trading (literally), Tony Pelz.

Many of you already own his book "The Biotech Trader's Handbook", which is a MUST HAVE for those trading biotechs using options.  As you may know- options can at first seem overwhleming and complicated.  Our goal in making this DVD is to break down options trading into simple and understandable concepts, with graphics, charts, and illustrations. From these basics Tony goes into more complicated stratagies like Straddles, Butterflies, Condors, Put Spreads, Call Spreads, etc.

These methods can hedge risk and make you a better trader.  While our time in the studio is complete, we have more work to do on the DVD before it will be ready, but our target is to ship the DVDs before the end of November.  

To stay updated on the production, pre-sale, and release of the DVD, just enter in your name and email in the form below.  We will only send you information relevant to the Options DVD and not any other products or SPAM. Thank you!