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Introducing "How To Trade Options" 50% off Pre-Sale

publication date: Nov 27, 2011
author/source: Mark Messier

One the most common questions we get asked is "How can I learn to trade options?" We are thrilled to announce the completion of our new 
6 hour DVD Set entitled "How to Trade Options".  The DVD also comes with a 200 page intruction manual.

This DVD was created by BioRunUp co-founder Mark Messier, and Tony Pelz founder of and author of the book:

"The Biotech Trader Handbook: A Fast, Simplified & Efficient Guide to Generate Outsized Returns in Biotech Using Options (for the non-scientist)"

Save 50% off here by pre-ordering this 6-hour options DVD guide, which also includes a 200+ page instruction manual…this is a STEAL for just $397 right now as it will normally retail for $797 after we begin shipping in just a few weeks.

We’ll start shipping the first week of December so you won’t have to wait very long, but I wanted to tell you about this now so you can enjoy some serious savings.

Click here to pre-order this options DVD and pay just $397+ shipping, saving 50% off the normal price.

VIDEO Trailer:

Here is a picture of Tony in the LiveStream studios while filming in front of the 'green-screen':