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Thanks And Farewell Note From Mike

publication date: Sep 10, 2018
author/source: Mike Havrilla

I would like to thank all subscribers for their support and am grateful to have worked with Mark Messier at over the past eight years.


I was recently offered and accepted a newly-created, full-time position at PAVmed as Director of Investor Relations, which is a tremendous opportunity as the Company grows and transitions into a commercial stage entity with multiple medical devices in development that have the potential to improve and save lives while reducing overall healthcare expenses. PAVmed previously outsourced many of its IR functions, but has decided to establish a full-time, in-house position to manage these duties.


As I have indicated on my core portfolio page and in my articles for PAVmed; the stock is one that I own for its significant long-term potential based on a business model that is focused on efficiently developing new medical devices and creating shareholder value. By joining the Company on a full-time basis; I will be working to help make this happen by relieving many of the admin duties that have previously occupied the time of executives such as managing and creating website / social media content and investor communications.


Finally, I have worked with Mark to ensure that the Catalyst Heat Map database will remain relevant and updated on a regular basis with high quality content as the core research tool of BioRunUp.


Best wishes to all,

Mike Havrilla