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publication date: Apr 13, 2017
author/source: Mike Havrilla

 is a real-time quantitative systematic algorithmic trading alerts system that is provided as a monthly subscription service. The service uses a private twitter feed to provide subscribers with opening and closing trade alerts for high volume exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stocks in the healthcare sector. The system is based on a quantitative systematic digital signal processing algorithm that is designed to capture directional movement (aka momentum) and is illustred graphically in the above image. The system performs best when the underlying ETFs and stocks move directionally and will not perform well when these tickers are in a sideways or trendless pattern.


Based on our experience to date, alerts may remain open anywhere from days to weeks or even months depending on market conditions, which also impacts the frequency and volume of alerts being generated. The alert signals typically occur every morning as an open-to-open system; which means the alerts will usually be posted shortly after the market open by a member of the system's development team. The system provides an alert signal for entry and a signal for exiting a position (e.g. buy/long alert, sell/close long alert, short sell/open alert, cover short/close alert). Subscribers must consider their own risk tolerance and management, which can be complemented by the system--e.g. if there is a gain on a trade alert, then subscribers may choose to close the position and book the gain before the system generates a formal exit alert for the trade.


Below is a summary of year-to-date (YTD) performance stats and alerts. On 3/7/17, the system went from long to short after booking large gains across the board for the recent upside move in the biopharma industry and overall healthcare sector. On April 12-13, the system booked solid gains on three short stock alerts and several ETF short alerts while moving to long alerts for these tickers. The system has posted a strong track record on a YTD basis with solid gains for both long and short alerts. In addition, the alerts have typically required several days or longer to become profitable; but once there have persisted and generated strong percentage gains over several weeks before being closed so keep this in mind if trading on the alerts & scaling into positions is a potential strategy to capitalize on this trend. As of 4/13/17, the system is tracking ETF tickers $XBI/$LABU/$LABD, $IBB/$BIB/$BIS and stock tickers $ACAD, $PGNX, $SGYP, $ADMP, $BLUE, $NEOS, $OCUL.


OPEN ALERTS AS OF 4/13:  $SGYP long @$4.48 from 4/12 (current=$4.48), $PGNX long @$8.34 from 4/12 (current=$8.48), $ACAD long @$33.13 (current=$33.67) from 4/13, $XBI long @$68.59 (current=$68.55) from 4/13, $LABU long @$46 (current=$45.84) from 4/13, $LABD short @$10.75 (current=$10.79) from 4/13, $IBB long @$291.24 (current=$290.90) from 4/13, $BIB long @$47.52 (current=$47.50) from 4/13, $BIS short @$28.17 (current=$28.20) from 4/13

4/13/17 BIOALGO ALERTS:  $XBI cover short & long alert @$68.59 (+2% on closed short alert), $LABU cover & long alert @$46 (+7% on closed short alert), $LABD sell & short alert @$10.75 (+2% on closed long alert), $BIB cover & long alert @$47.52 (+3% on closed short alert), $BIS sell & short alert @$28.17 (+2% on closed long alert)

4/12/17 BIOALGO ALERTS:  $SGYP cover short & long alert @$4.48 (+38.6% on closed short alert from 2/10), $PGNX cover short & long alert @$8.34 (+13.2% on closed short alert from 2/10), $ACAD cover short & long alert @$33.13 (+11% on closed short alert from 2/14)

3/7/17 BIOALGO ALERTS:  $XBI: Sell & Short Alert @$69.90 (+10.2% on closed long alert), $LABU: Sell & Short Alert @$49.41 (+30.6% on closed long alert), $LABD: Buy Alert @$10.57 (+28.2% on closed short alert), $BIS: Long Alert @$27.65 (+14% on closed short alert), $BIB: Short Alert @$49.03 (+14.8% on closed long alert)

2/14/17 BIOALGO ALERT:  $ACAD Short Alert @ 37.20

2/10/17 BIOALGO ALERTS:  $ACAD: Sell Alert @ 37.45 (+18.7% on closed long alert), $PGNX short alert @$9.61, $SGYP short alert @$6.21

 1/26/17 BIOALGO ALERTS:  $ACAD: Long @ 31.56, $XBI: Long @ 63.45, $LABU: Long @ 37.84 ,$LABD: Short @ 14.73, $BIS: Short @ 32.18, $IBB: Long @ 274.78, $BIB: Long @ 42.71


We are offering the new service in partnership with the developers of this proprietary system as its first application in the healthcare sector. Because the system is applied for professional trading applications outside of the health care sector; the developers cannot disclose any details beyond what is described here due to financial regulations. Algo-based trading systems are increasingly being used by hedge funds and other automated trading systems that are typically limited to high net worth investors; so our goal is to level the playing field in the health care sector by offering the service outside of these restricted investment vehicles.


The monthly subscription rate is $59.97 and includes a one-time free trial period of one week (see instructions below for details on the cancellation process through PayPal). If you are a current BioRunUp subscriber, click here to view your promo rate which includes a 2-week free trial period.



To request access to @BioAlgoTrades, you MUST do the following, in this EXACT order:

1.) You must have a Twitter Account

 2.) Send an email to to provide us with your Twitter username and the email address you used to subscribe to BioAlgoTrades (for verification purposes). Also use this email for any BioAlgoTrades service related inquiries.

 3. From your Twitter account visit @BioAlgoTrades and request to follow the private feed. We will then verify your email address / Twitter ID / BioAlgoTrades account request and approve for access to the private Twitter feed within one business day. 


How to cancel an automatic payment (monthly subscription) via PayPal:

 1.) Log in to your PayPal account.

 2.) Click Profile at the top of the page.

 3.) Click My Money, then click Update beside My pre-approved payments to find your payment.

4.) Select the payment, and then click Cancel.


Please refer to the terms and conditions for additional disclaimers for this service which is offered by BioRunUp, LLC, which are in addition to specific risk factors outlined above. Since we offer a one-time free trial and there is only a monthly subscription option at this time; no refunds will be issued for this service.