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Team BioRunUp is Excited to Introduce our Newest Trader

publication date: Jul 31, 2015
author/source: Mark Messier

At BioRunUp we are thrilled to announce the newest member of our team, Rick Underbrink.  Many of you may follow Rick already on twitter @skipjackrick .  Rick has a vast knowlege of biotech trading (as you can see by his bio below) and enjoys teaching and mentoring new traders.  Along with many other qualities that make Rick an excellent trader is his focus on technical analysis and risk management.

We are thrilled that Rick accepted an invitation to join our team, and we look forward to announcing more developments in the near future  ;)  Please read Rick's bio below:

Rick Underbrink is a full time day-trader semi-retired from a 14 year career in pharmaceutical development.  Rick's biotech trading strategy is technical analysis based with a fundamental thesis.  Many times paired with an options position into a catalyst or even post catalyst.  Most importantly focusing on taking trades where risk has been mitigated.  Not necessarily concerned with huge profits.  Rick graduated with a degree in Chemistry and spent his career developing drugs for three different pharmaceutical companies where he was involved in clinical trial manufacturing for Phase 1, 2 and 3.  He also has extensive regulatory experience in pharmaceutical NDA and ANDA submissions to the FDA.  Over his 14 year career Rick has has taken multiple drugs from development phases to commercialization.  This experience has helped develop a unique edge when trading in the biotech sector.  He has two young boys with his wife and currently lives in Austin, TX.  Rick is a serious fisherman off the TX coast.  Focuses on catching billfish primarily but has enjoyed catching all of the tasty saltwater fishes.  In his spare time he enjoys building rods, woodworking and playing the occasional game of golf.  @skipjackrick