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$PATH NuPathe’s Zelrix: Market Sizing and Valuation

publication date: Jun 14, 2011
"On the near horizon, NuPathe’s Zelrix – an actively transported sumatriptan transdermal patch for migraine – faces new drug application decision date of August 29. For a small company trying to get its new patch-delivered migraine medication to market, NuPathe has been a surprisingly polarizing company. Those of the bull persuasion might point to the sizable migraine market, strong analyst estimates, and the tendency of virtually all biotechs of late to run-up strongly to their respective PDUFA dates. Those bearish on NuPathe, on the other hand, state the patch is clumsy, efficacy trails that of other treatments, and the niche the drug fills is perhaps too small. In order to more clearly determine whether or not NuPathe is a good play for the near- and long-term, I wanted to provide a estimate of the market size Zelrix hopes to establish and what the market size means in terms of a valuation of the company..."

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