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Three Upcoming Catalysts that have 50% Gain Potential

publication date: Apr 20, 2011
author/source: Mark Messier
Looking past the June Catalysts.....

We will be covering this stocks much more in the next few months, but looking at the potential of these run-ups we feel that it is important to highlight them now, as many traders will are constantly updating and preparing their portfolios.  

We don't usually through out estimates of large percentage gains, but looking at the potential of the following 3 companies we feel that these represent great opportunities to make solid gains on short term investments.  As always, unexpected events and general market conditions may change, but as they stand now we feel that you should definitely keep an eye on the following three stocks.  

We will revisit this article in September and break down each trade.  We will also be publishing full valuations on these in the near future.

PCRX - $7.29 - 7/28/11 PDUFA
In DEC 2010, NDA accepted for standard 10-month review by FDA w/ PDUFA action goal date of 7/28/11, seeking approval for post-surgical analgesia (pain relief) by local administration, novel formulation of approved drug buvicaine

PATH - $6.94 - 8/29/11 PDUFA
On 1/10/11, announced NDA accepted by FDA w/ expected decision by 8/29/11 under standard 10-month review, seeking approval as skin patch (transdermal) treatment for migraine headaches, novel formulation of approved migraine drug IMITREX

ANX - $2.28 - 9/1/11 PDUFA
On 1/6/11, announced that FDA accepted NDA for full review with PDUFA decision date of 9/1/11 for expected decision under a standard 10-month review, seeking approval for same indication as Navelbine (vinorelbine) including non-small cell lung cancer