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BioRunDown Coming Soon

publication date: Jan 30, 2011

January 30, 2011

Last week on LiveStock, which you can watch on demand HERE, we unveiled, which is basically a 300 page book “How To Make Money In Biotech Stocks” and a 12+ hour DVD package with 250+ page instruction manual called “The Ultimate Guide To Biotech Stocks” and a few combo packages including special webinars, videos and autographed copies of the book.  We will send out more information on these exciting projects soon, as we complete editing of the DVD we will have some clips to release.  

It was during the filming of these DVD the concept of BioRunDown was born.  We have been getting inundated with requests on more information about BioRunDown, and how to get on the list.  This email explains more about this work in progress, and shows how you can get a guaranteed spot for this newsletter.  I think what makes BioRunDown even more interesting is how we came up with the concept. This is a very true story:

While filming a section of our DVD in the old Bear Sterns building in NYC, Mike was discussing his strategy of biotech trading.  Timothy Sykes was busy staring at his computer in the corner, as he usually is (where else can you get a LCD tan like his, lol).  Tim abruptly stopped the filming and said, 'Guys take a look at this."  On his screen he had the live chart of GENE, which had just spiked from its close the day before at $3.36 to its daily high of $6.94.  As an expert short selling, its activity seemed very typical of a pump and dump.  Literally within 1 minute and with only the use of our cellphones, Mike and I had uncovered clear signs that this was a blatant and obvious pump, playing momentum off of some biotech "key words", ie: cancer, screening, test, 'new to the USA', etc.  Tim immediately shorted 7k shares.  By the close of the next business day GENE was back down to $3.66, and within a week as low as $2.83, giving Tim's short a potential profit of over $28K  Take a look at the chart:

GENE Chart

This is how we came up with Biorundown which will be a trade alert service specifically for targeting junk biotech stocks that make for excellent short selling opportunities either via short selling their stock our using Put options.

Subscribers will get the combined expertise of myself and Mike Havrilla (the walking biotech encyclopedia) and Timothy Sykes, who has literally made millions shorting junk stocks. We each bring something to the table and this will be an add-on to our existing newsletters.

Biorundown will officially be launching on or around April 1st, but we’ll be sending out special email alerts starting February 1st, so to claim your two free months (or more if you order the right product below) of this new service, you can pre-order any of these new products we launched the other day and enjoy the 50% savings by ordering any of the products below early (items will ship in April)

(see all products listed on

The New Biorunup Advisory Committee = ORDER HERE $200 one time fee to gain access to special videos, webinars and deals like this: an autographed copy of the new book “How To Make Money In Biotech Stocks” and 2-months of Biorundown for FREE included

The Biorunup Autographed Book & DVD Combo Deal = ORDER HERE $797 + shipping which is a 50% off deal from the retail price of this package once we begin shipping…also included is 3 FREE months of Biorundown

The Biotech DVD/Book & 1-Year Of Biorunup Special Deal = ORDER HERE $997 + shipping includes the autographed book and DVD package and 1-year of Biorunup (you’re saving over $1,000 by ordering now) and 4 FREE months of Biorundown included!

We are all very excited about Biorundown and its potential to cut through the absolute garbage research and hype being produced by “firms” and people claiming to biotech experts.  We are NOT talking about RunDon plays after FDA approvals- we are talking about identifying junk and pump and dump garbage.  It is a completely separate strategy than we currently use on  

Quality short-biased biotech research and trade alerts begins now, join us!