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Reminder About Using BioRunUpTrades

publication date: Jan 26, 2011
author/source: Mark Messier
One of the most requested features from after our launch was the availability of subscriber access to real time trading information.  In order to fulfill our pledge of 100% transparency we added our private Twitter feed @BioRunUpTrades .  On this feed we post our trades as close to real time as possible.  This is a valuable tool for our subscribers, however we want to give you some VERY important reminders:
1.) Do NOT blindly trade off our buys
Do your research!  Read our articles, forums, google search, and catalyst spreadsheet before you decide to buy.  
2.) We do not daytrade these picks
Subscribers have commented that when we announce a buy on a low volume stock it often spikes. We can not control that, and we are NOT profiting off these spikes.  If you notice our accounts, we are NOT selling on the spike.
3.) If there is a spike, do not rush to buy
As mentioned above, our buy of a lower volume stock may cause a spike.  These will settle out, there is no rush to buy.  Often this just results in holding shares at a high price, and having to wait longer for the stock to run up.
4.) We are generally in stocks for 1-3 months, there is NOT a rush to buy.
These positions often contain catalysts that are 2 weeks - 6 months away.  Take your time.
5.) Look at the volume of our purchases
At times we may make a purchase on a low volume or thinly traded stock.  These are the stocks that may move quickly.  If you do decide to buy, look at the days volume compared to the average volume for the stock before entering.
6.) Look at the price we paid for the stock
We also post the price we paid for our position, look at that closely- at that price we felt it was a good entry.  If the price has jumped significantly it may no longer be a buy.  Be patient!
Please keep these factors in mind. was developed to be a community of informed biotech traders, a place where information is shared- not a place to ruch and buy off 'picks'.  
Thanks for subscribing!

Mark Messier & Mike Havrilla