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publication date: Dec 1, 2010
First, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your subscription to  We appreciate your business.  Its hard to believe that the "new" BioRunUp was launched only 8 weeks ago, it has been an amazing journey so far.  We have some exciting new features in store for the near future.

We are kindly requesting that you post an honest review of our website and services on, a website designed to help traders discover the best financial products...and to weed out the worst. Posting a review does require a simple registration, but email verification is not required and they do not use or sell your email address.  Sharing your experience about BioRunUp with the rest of the investment community will assist in the growth of our site, and in turn, the services we offer.


Link to review BioRunUp.com

You can also post / show off your trades on . When inputting trades, make sure to enter in "" as your Newsletter (see the image below)

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Again- Thank you for subscribing to

Mark Messier
BioRunUp, LLC

Mike Havrilla
mikehavRx, LLC