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AMRN Up Over 20% Since BioRunUp Text Message Alert

publication date: Nov 16, 2010
On Wednesday we issued a text alert for AMRN to paid subscribers, stating the following: "ARMN Marine trial data results now expected BEFORE year end.  We have opened large positions. See BioRunUp for more info". 
How has it performed since this time? At the time of the alert, the price of AMRN was $3.13, it is now trading on increased volume and closed today at $3.80 (52 week high) is not the kind of website where we issue "Buy" alerts.  Generally we open a position in a determined range and hold for 2-3 months before selling.  However, at times, an opportunity presents itself and we take swift action.  One example was EXAS, when it released a solid date for its data validation study results.  This presented an opportunity and we were able to ride the stock for near 200% gains.
On 8/10/10, AMRN reported that the MARINE study (very high TGs > 500) was fully enrolled (229 pts) with top-line results expected in approx. 6 months (mid-February 2011 estimate) while the ANCHOR study (high TGs 200-500 plus on statins w/ two or more lipid disorders) is estimated to complete patient enrollment by early 2011 with results to be reported later in 2011.  This alone presented a decent opportunity for a Run-Up, but this was about to get excellerated.
On the day of our above mentioned alert (11/10/10), AMRN included in their quarterly financial reports a 'hidden gem'.  They bumped the expected results of the MARINE study up to by year end 2010.  This represents a fairly tight window and opportunity for run-up.  Remember too, that this is on the heels of ASTM's big jump from $1.50 to $4+ on pending trial results. 
We felt these factors warranted an alert for BioRunUp subscribers.  If you are a subscriber, and have not signed up for SMS text alerts, click the link below to do so.
If you have not signed up as a subscriber to, click below to sign up.  The cost of an annual subscription is currently $295 (it will be increasing Jan 1, 2011)