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This Week's Watchlist 11/1/10

publication date: Oct 31, 2010
We have another exciting week on tap, lets take a look at some of the stocks to keep an eye on.

BIOD - Traders anxiously await the FDA decision on Linjeta, as the PDUFA date fell on 10/30 (Saturday).  The FDA has been very punctual with its last few decisions, even though the month of October was full of deadlines. General consensus is BIOD will receive a CRL for Linjeta.  A surprise approval could send stocks drastically higher.  If they do receive a CRL, the requests from the FDA will be closely scrutinized, and a 'light' CRL or limited approval could send shares higher.  A request for additional clinical trials would be a worst case scenario for BIOD shares.

AVNR - AVNR announced approval for AVP-923 in after hours trading on Friday and quickly spiked past $5, even with light volume (Friday after markets are notoriously lightly traded). Monday should be very interesting for AVNR has the increased volume will show us whether the stock has some room to run, or if it will sell-off.  For my thoughts and opinions on how to trade AVNR this week, see the article HERE.

EXAS - On Thursday Exact Sciences announced excellent results for its colon cancer screening test.  To many traders surprise, EXAS quickly sold off, dropping to its close at $6.86, down from its run-up high of $9.24.  BioRunUp subscribers were not surprised by this price action, as we discussed this sell-off in an article on October 18th, nine days before the validation results (LINK)

CADX - In all the drama that BIOD, AVNR, and EXAS brought last week it was easy to forget that CADX is up this week for approval on Thursday (11/4/10) for its drug OFIRMEV (acetaminophen injection).  Shares of CADX have climbed recently from their lows in the mid $6 range in July to their run-up highs of $10 within the past few weeks.  CADX is another Run-Up play that has demonstrates the shift in run-up timing we discussed HERE. Will CADX sell off like AVNR and BIOD?  We will see... is much more than just an FDA calendar, take a look:

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